A key part of our name, RESULTS, is the attitude of business owners like you. As our customer, you are concerned about your business processes and the reliability of your infrastructure far more than the methodology and the why of many technical choices. You don’t expect to pay a professional to deliver partial or incomplete solutions. In other words, you expect us to provide RESULTS and that is EXACTLY what we will do. We stand behind our work 100%, in the rare event that we have to re-do something, there is no extra charge for the additional work.

Early on

I.T. Results was started in 2000 by two seasoned computer networking professionals with the objective to bring high-quality business-class services to the small business market. Our goal is to provide smaller companies the same quality and advantages in I.T. that fortune 100 companies enjoy. This is done through our President, Wayne Tow who has over 30 years of experience in various sized Enterprise companies. These include fortune 100 companies such as Shell Oil, and Sysco, several fortune 1000 companies that include Exodus, Equistar, MKI, and others. Functioning as a consultant, he has a significant small and mid-size business understanding.


Over the years, we have been able to test, evaluate and select products that work very well in the small/midsized company market. We have expanded from a core of providing support for networks and computers to include all technology that involves the business in our market space. This has allowed our customers to come to I.T. Results for all their needs, just as the I.T. department fulfills requests in major corporations. Like large I.T. departments, we are able to quickly and reliably point acquisitions to sources that have proven to have reliable products that are cost-effective and that work in the companies that we serve.

Our service offering will provide you with a predictable budget for I.T. support and will provide you with an I.T. solution that is worry-free and works for your business so you can focus on your business, not on I.T.